A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


Life goes on and things come and go. My girlfriend has been a professional pharmacist for 2+ months now, working full-time, while I am wrapping up the last courses of my computer sciences study, doing its projects in the meanwhile. Alex in the meanwhile got his Master in AI, while Manuzhai on the other hand is falling in love while working on his first Mac, gotten by his internship. A sister-in-law is getting her second offspring in a few months

On more technical and personal front, this weblog dammIT got an overhaul, making it look a lot better [at least, in my eyes ;)]. Also, the tools I'm using in my day-to-day internet life are changing: from using my overload feedreader daily, to using a standalone reader for a while [with less feeds] to discovering the revamped Google reader and moving there with only a feed or 22, which I can actually keep up with daily. I integrated its "Shared Items" feature in the link list at the right of the pages.

Me not using my own feedreader anymore doesn't mean its project is dead. The PHP codebase kinda is, but I still want to rewrite it in Python and making it a generic information manager, also taking care of your bookmarks, notes etc. However, I just installed Sitebar on my server again [I used it for years some while back], and it's still great; even better now they use new techniques to make it all faster [XmlHttpRequest comes in handy there].

All-in-all interesting things to notice and acknowledge life goes on in an insane tempo. I'm only hoping to keep up :)