A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


Oh shiny consumer society, with its broad streets lingered with deadly McFlurry cups, Britney Spears listening sheep with iPods and our fast-food consuming I'm-not-fat-I'm-big-boned fellow humans. Mrs Bsag has a piece about "More", triggered mainly by the advertisements marketing campaigns sling at us:

excess masquerading as progress, and increase in quantity with a corresponding decrease in quality

... something we see increasingly more around us. Myself, I pity the people spending hours and hours a day staring at that glowing tube or flatpanel called a TV, which has more and more of the same crap. OK, I can do with some less hours of staring at my 19" CRT tube or laptop flatpanel myself, but at least that's spent hunting for information, conversing with people from all over the world [IRC still is a really nice medium] and creating, being creative. Now I only hope I raised my standards high enough to not output more of that standard crap.