A rantbox

*sigh* cars...

Yesterday we went to a very nice building of the University of Utrecht, located right at the sight of the Dom [nicer pics on the Dutch page]. Here, twenty-one students of my girlfriend's year -- including she herself -- where officially made pharmacists in a nice ceremony. Congratulations sweety!

After a nice lunch with family at a restaurant nearby, we ventured home again. At 15:30, we had time enough to visit the car dealer on which site we had seen a nice blue Opel Corsa 1.4 with 5 doors for 3000 EUR. So we drove there with the GF's dad and had a peak. Discovering an odd dent right behind the fuel intake and other small things, we where starting to think it wasn't as nice as it looked like. We drove a little while in it [the dealer -- which had the cars standing next to his house instead of with a garage -- went with us]. The car made a lot of noise when standing idle [exhaust vibrating quite a bit], and the handling was weird. When we took a look underneath the bonnet, it looked ok-ish, but it was typical for the car that when the bonnet was lowered again with the normal *clash*, the Opel logo on the front got loose from one of its two bolts.

So after we got the hell out of there ["We... will think about it a bit"], we went to a dealer my "father in law" has a lot of good experiences with. Here we saw a lot of nice cars of course [quite some standing inside, glowing in the spotlights]. After seeing a really nice Corsa GLX 1.6 3-doors for 5250 EUR, we went home for dinner and contemplating whether that was worth the money.

We decided this was a tad too much money to spend on such a car, however fast and nice it may be, so we are still car-less. So, if anybody in The Netherlands read this, and knows a nice Corsa or similar car for a decent price, we're interested ;)