A rantbox

How to stop being haunted

As I posted earlier on, being haunted by unfinished projects and uninteresting courses at University isn't great fun exactly. Now this is general knowledge, but how does this lazy procrastinating programming and randomly surfing geek do something about it? Of course, "getting a grip" on the situation and myself is a start, by targetting the important projects [courses] first, finish the darn things without letting myself getting distracted. Now that's not easy, being a N.A.D.D. suffering person :) This would mean prioritising the projects, discarding the non-essential ones [hm, not easy ;)], finishing these important ones and doing the same with courses at the University, naturally. The latter means actually study for uninteresting courses! *gasp*

Anyway, it looks like I really have to clean my slate again, and start hammering my head into a different shape to keep it that way. Not starting random cool projects will be part of it, which is a shame really, but maybe I can schedule in some time to mess around with random stuff too.

On the positive side, it looks like I'm finally actually getting rid of my job, as I'm writing documentation and designs for a new version of the sole project I was maintaining/developing. These documents enable someone else to take over the job, which is absolutely fine by me, as I'm getting a tad tired by it :) Being jobless while my girlfriend starts her own career as fulltime pharmaceutist is a tad weird, but it frees a lot of time to target my study. And after I finish it, there's a whole life to be wasted working anyway ;)

*Ponders how to start a company of his own and what product[s] to create*