A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

What's up with people running an illegal, almost unprotected WinXP?

While installing Gaim for my sister at her pc at my parents' place, I noticed she is running WinXP. And with that I mean: pure WinXP. Not a sole servicepack in sight. There was some Watchdog thingee running [my dad's work I guess], and of course she's running Kerio firewall and AVG antivirus [my advices], but Ad-Aware hadn't been run in over four months and she's complaining about random crashes of programs. Today she started complaining about Gaim crashing continuously on her ["Nice msn you gave me, it keeps crashing" being her words... :)], but when I notified her of her windows not being maintained well, she grudgingly admitted that more programs crash randomly. Not to mention windows deciding she needed a new profile last week, which I had to fix for her.

My dad in the meanwhile is still planning on reinstall the box with an SP2 equipped windows, but he finally wants a legal version for at least his own pc. In the meanwhile I'm converting more pc's to GNU/Linux, the new pc for the GF's grandma being the latest. Reminds me I need to create a dual boot on her laptop. She's getting a tad tired of windows too ;)

Airco's and water provide more coolness anyway ;)