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New overload snapshot online

OK, I just updated the live version of overload. It now has a better support for UTF8, new artwork [shamelessly ripped from the default Gnome iconset], the option to add feeds [only works in the html version yet], search and read saved items [only in XUL rich client yet].

Some things I want to implement yet: synchronize the html and rich client versions in functionality, add feed and userinfo management and have a river of news mode in the rich client as the html version has [replacing the items listing with a larger view of the content]. The latter seems to be a mode in which I can scan headlines *and* content faster for interesting stuff then the default "e-mail" mode of the rich client.

Does anybody wants to do some input on this? I'm thinking about making some pseudo-categories too, consisting of "Todays items", "Random items" and user defined filters.

You can find overload here, there's also the overload projectpage and bugs can be filed here or in a comment to this post. I'd like to have some feedback :)