A rantbox

Visiting my first niece and updating overload

It was a family day today: first we went visiting my gf's brother and his girlfriend, the fresh parents of Anne. I made some pictures, but I won't tire you with to much footage of this sweet child [sweet as in: "she made no noice as she was sleeping all the time" ;)]

The proud mother and her daughter:

Then we visited my parents and had dinner with them. Showed them the pictures I took.

Now I'm working on implementing some new stuff into overload: add feed works now [in experimental version, not yet in the live version], as does updating the meta info of the feeds. This is done every time the feeds are updated, so titles of feeds, subtitles and images are updated when their creators change it so. Of course there's the possibility to rename the feeds [hm, need to finish the frontend for that yet]. Fixed UTF8 support earlier this week. It's really coming along now :)