A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Busy on my birthday

Here I find myself sitting behind my laptop working at a project with a deadline this evening [or tomorrow, but I'd like to have something finished by the time I go get some dinner], having my room slowly emptied [some things already disappeared some days ago, lots of things will vanish to our apartment in the next few days]. And I'm turning 23 today too.

I'd totally forgotten I'm having my birthday today until 11PM yesterday evening. Even now I'm not feeling remotely like celebrating, as I'm under quite some pressure to finish a project for University too. The other project feels like hacking on existing not-to-great .jsp files, which are going to be refactored in the not too far future, so that's a rather weird feeling. Ah well, it certainly tidies things up a lot and it pays some bills, so I shouldn't complain :)

Last but not least: I'm having a housewarming party at Saturday, February 12th. If you feel like visiting, please let me know!