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Licensing your content: Creative Commons

I've just relicensed dammIT from the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0 to the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license and added meta tags to the source, so it can be automatically recognized by applications.

Why Creative Commons? Because I want to make a statement for Free content and Free Speech, be it for websites, e-books, music, movies, podcasts or whatever. I like the CC licenses, even if they are not considered Free by the Debian GNU/Linux purists, and I like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, it's ambassador [his weblog, boingboing.net] and the way he advertises the Creative Commons licenses by using them himself for licensing his own novels [which are great btw, and can be found at his site too].

If you'd like to license your website's content under a Creative Commons license too, take a look at this overview page, where you can learn what license you'd like to have, and at this page with embedded tags to be used in the source of the pages. These tags can be automatically read by the Firefox browser by this plugin, which shows the CC license of the current page in the browsers statusbar. Of course, if you like to write stories and such, and want to publish them without having to worry somebody steals them [or at least having a stick to whip them with], Creative Commons can suit you just fine too.