A rantbox

Edible == good. Everything is edible

Soooo, had quite a nice day today. I had to get up real early [at least in terms of Sunday and my weekly rhythm, or lack of], but it turned out quite interesting. I went on my very first business trip to Rotterdam with a friend of mine to talk with the initiators of the project we're working on and synchronize minds with the American author of the software we are intending to redo the GUI of. The day started icecold [I love that], and turned out all sunny and stuff, so the good mood was set. We had lunch first, getting to know each other in the meantime, then went to the hotelroom for some serious flip-over abuse. [He had post-it flip-overs from 3M, they are _so_ geeky as they make great wallpaper :D]. We straightened out some misunderstandings and then continued tweaking layout things and so on. At half past five we where standing at Rotterdam station again, already having had a cheerful beer with the whole bunch.

After a chatty trip back to Schiphol, I got offered a drink by the girl we had been chatting with [nice change], and then we parted ways. Now I only hope implementing all these things will go as smoothly ;)

Oh, and the title of this rant? Don't ask :)