A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

AIBO; electronics made cute

I've never thought I would one day think about a hunk of plastic as "cute". But today at work we had some distraction from our normal business by means of an AIBO. A real one, from Sony. It was fun interacting with the little robot, which is quite sophisticated; it knows from which direction sounds come [stereo microphones in it's ears] so it will look at you when you are talking, it shows emotions through it's colourful led arrays and makes cute and sometimes weird noises. You don't even have to interact with it; the doggy will just look around for it's ball or bone and pursuit it, cuddle it's bone, or give the ball a little kick. Just take a look at some pictures I made from little aibo. I've taken them with the integrated camera of my Sony Clie pda [it's a Sony world], so they're only 640x480, but give a nice impression.

A shame we didn't have time to hack a little through it's wireless link and stuff. It was kinda cool to only have to show him some card to do something new though.

Too bad fun was a bit washed away by the icy rain on the way back home. However, music can be quite a mood savior in that kind of situations; Chicane with it's beautiful tracks prevented me to shift in a thundermood. Gotta love my mp3 player. Oh, on a sidenode, don't forget to fetch your thumbdrive when you're done backing up files. Mine is still stuck at the backside of my pc at work...