A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Procrastination, perfectionism and humble me

I'm a perfectionist, that's one thing that's sure. I love to create things, and I go to great lengths to do it right. That's one reason many of my projects aren't finished yet. I just haven't declared them good enough to call them that way. But on the other hand I love to procrastinate. I'm addicted to just surfing the web, reading weblogs, news sites, my e-mail, mailing lists and what more, without actually doing anything useful, except posting some comments on a weblog or answering a stray e-mail.

It's one of the things I hate about myself. I can spend a week behind my computer, soaking up information, without actually getting any results, except for a slightly better tweaked GNU/Linux install and a bunch of trivia in my head and link dump. Those are moments that I slap myself against my head and wish I had done something for my website [aquariusoft.org isn't by far the way I would like it to be, for example], or read some chapters for University. Hell, even structuring my organized chaos a.k.a. my room a bit better would be something.

Soooo, what did I do this week for example? Well, I did a testing job at my work, so that's actually something. I'm glad I work two days a week; it weights up against some of the other days. I installed my new Audigy 2 ZS soundcard and Creative 5500 speakerset, so that's another something [especially considering the placement of this shitload of speakers and having cables that are just centimeters short]. My new wireless accesspoint/router is half installed too [just need to configure WAP if I can find the darn setting], so on computer territory that's quite some things.

Besides that I'm busy setting up things for a project I do with a friend I know from study. A paid project, so that's a nice change :) I'm working with him on Parallel Programming assignments too, but those are going a bit slow. There's definitely room for improvement there, like taking time for studying material for exams. Speaking about which, maybe I'd better start...

But now--time for some quality time with my gf :)