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How to make the perfect blog

OK, I know I'm flooding various aggregators and planet livecd, but I was wondering about various aspects of the design of my weblog site. I asked in my previous post if anyone used the feed in which I include the comments to posts I make alongside the posts themselves. I think I can safely assume noone does, but I'll stick with it nonetheless. Jeremy made the point of e-mailing comments. I had been pondering that option for some time, and was wondering how to implement it exactly. I was thinking about a checkbox which a can be checked when a comment is made. A valid e-mail address has to be provided and only people who checked the box will be e-mailed only when comments are posted to that certain post. That's doable. [I think it's what Jeremy does on his blog].

Another thing is what to do with my blogmarks. According to my log it's mostly read by web spiders only, and that's not my intention. I'm considering putting them on the homepage like manuzhai does. However, I've days with quite some number of blogmarks, so when I include them, I'll need to make their appearance a little sleeker, otherwise it will flood the page. Anybody in favour of such a change? Maybe a sidebar with the latest ones is a better option; however, I don't like the idea of adding a right sidebar and the left one already is quite cluttered.

I updated my feeds somewhat [it includes a comment-tag and line breaks in comments along with some other changes]. This will tag the last posts as new/changed, so sorry for that. I've tested the new code, so it shouldn't break things. *knock on wood*

Suggestions for other improvements are welcome too, of course. Designing a GUI the right way, along with the little details that make life a bit more fun, just ain't easy. Or is that just me? ;)