A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Random bits

First I want to ask the readers of my humble blog [yeah, you two] if anyone uses the feed with comments included. I'm asking, because noone gets a notification if someone posted a comment to a post or commented on a comment except for me. I know it's a tad broken because it ignores line feeds, but I'm planning to fix that Real Soon(tm).

On another note, I seem to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). See this piece from Manuzhai's blog, the test itself, and this website about HSPs. While reading the HSP site I could place some of my social properties and "skills" in a new light; I found myself very sensitive for details already years ago [got quite some remarks in the sense of "how the heck do you notice _that_?"]. I tend to be more assertive nowadays, but I used to be rather shy [I thought I was introvert, but changed my mind when I noticed that I wasn't the quiet person I used to be anymore], and I still am not that bold in new social environments. And there are more things I can identify with. Quite interesting to learn some other fundamental thing about myself.

A friend of my noticed the sudden increase of Google mail accounts in our group. I am to blame because I suddenly got 6 invites to give away to people. That's nice, but now having a gmail.com account isn't cool anymore :)

And as last point: I'm shamelessly [well, not quite] neglecting my duties to the Morphix community because of re-examinations, work, sleeping late, celebrating birthdays and wanting to work at some projects of myself, especially aqute CMS, which runs the aquariusoft.org site. So, sorry people, but I'll be back soon. I just want to get the edit page functionality done, so I don't have to do any DB editing anymore to change a page. And adding nifty stuff like RSS feeds to news items is cool to do too. Well, I find it cool to thinker with at least; serves as vacation to me :)