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Gadgets and other freaky things

As you may know, I'm a gadget freak^Wlover. So, Engadget is one of the sites I've featured in my super1337 RSS aggregator. Todays harvest is a nice one; lets start with the first thing I would want to have for my [hypothetical] own house: a kitchen sink. Well, it's a washbasin, but whatever. Second, I would like to hook this sucker up into my home network. Hope it won't get hacked. Maybe I can hook up one of these too. As I've a girlfriend [one hell of a gadget :)], I will skip these. And no, even when we get kids sometimes, I won't buy them these... For those people that envy the dudes with the tweaked cars, but are stuck with a bicycle themselves, you can beef those up too. I'll take this alternative vehicle instead. It gets weirder from here on. You can try communicating via LED arrays or be communicated to one way [not yours], by supernifty ad enhancement gadgetry. Of course, they won't sell these to any sensible women [sorry focks, ain't gonna happen I'm afraid - just asked my girlfriend]. Singing this song to them won't help either.

With all electronic gear gathering around the power outlets, you can relieve your bills a bit by walking around. For several hours. A day.