A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

IBM battling back, me stuck with algebra

IBM files counterclaim against SCO, saying SCO "literally copied more than 783,000 lines of code from these sixteen packages of IBM's copyrighted material". Now, that code is licensed under the GPL and/or LGPL, but SCO has renounced, disclaimed, and breached the GPL and therefore the GPL does not give SCO permission or a license to copy and distribute IBM's copyrighted works. Nice move!

Another reexamination is pending and hovering above me like some dangerous axe or Sword of Damocles. It's some algebra and discrete mathematics thing, which I can't quite make myself enthousiastic for, but is quite important nonetheless. Hope I make myself exercise enough for the thing, otherwise I've to take the classes again [makes my understanding a lot better I guess, but whatever].

On the upside, I'm running the first GNU/Linux kernel with 3 dots in it's version [kernel], with ACPI support for my laptop, so I can see the battery status and other neat things, thanks to Kano from Kanotix. Good to be lurking on IRC [join #morphix at irc.freenode.org :) ]