A rantbox

Life as I know it

Reading the discussion about Linux between Andy Tanenbaum and Linus Torvalds while I should study Operating Systems [by the same AST] and enjoying the cool breeze through my open window, I can't help but liking my life. This sounds rather fluffy, but what's wrong with a life existing of thinkering with computers, lots of software, reading about it, enjoying your surroundings and a drink and having those exams not tomorrow, but in about a week - having some time left?

Working a little bit more often these weeks and having those exams around the corner keeps me busy, so reading my email and some news and blogs is the only thing I do now. Projects are on hold [well, some thinkering once in a while, but not as many as I would like], but I've got time for Social Life(tm). Scary :) This is the time of year for me with quite a lot of anniversaries and other small parties, so being away from an internet connection happens somewhat more often. And that's good for me ;)

Essentially, I'm kind of bettering my life; not by being less online, but by doing more useful stuff when I am. Besides my online life, I'm trying to pay attention to some of my bad habits in general. Like, planning my time to go somewhere far to narrow [so I'm generally late on appointments, except for _really_ important ones, thank Deity] and not having a daily rhythm whatsoever. Planning my life better has been a major point of my postings lately, so I'm not going to bore the last reader I've left with thoughts about that.

Instead of bothering myself with a Bachelor Project [needed to finish the Bachelor part of my Computer Science study], I'm going to work almost fulltime in June. I'll start at May 27th [birthday of my gf :)], and will work 6 days a week until the 14th of June. Then I'll have to study for Parallel Programming, Computer Graphics, Principles of Programming Languages and Knowledge Systems, with some days of working mixed in. Then I'll probable work another full week [project needs some serious testing :)] and then I'll have a day off, because that's the last one my gf will have off too before going to do some serious summer working. I don't know whether we will have it as busy as she'll have, because summer isn't the busiest time of year in IT. I guess I'll have some time for enjoying the nice weather [hint hint, $WEATHER_DIETY] and some hacking. Morphix can use some help, and my own projects are waiting for me too. And I'll do something about my other hobbies: photography is always a pleasure in the summer [biking through the woods in the dunes] and maybe I'll try to sketch a little again.

Interesting ramblings :) Life is interesting enough outside the scope of computers in general, and a nice mixture of both [including maybe some laidback evenings watching Firefly and co.] will make a nicer living. But don't be afraid, I won't delete any blogs out of my aggregator ;)

I'm now going to sit outside in the sun for a while, trying to wrap my mind around Tanenbaums Operating Systems book. Positive point: the appendices take a lot of the content [Appendix A is around 400 pages. But that's the complete sourcecode of Minix =)].

Now where's the beer?