A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Planning and me

So I'm facing a nice busy schedule for the next two months or something, which I'm hoping to survive by planning my days better [see the post by Jeremy C. Wright], getting myself in a rhythm again [I think the idea of Manuzhai to wake up at 9AM even if I don't have to may force me in one] and start studying early. The latter is important, because in about a week and a half I'm having some exams again, for which I still have to start studying for. So spending evenings in a lazy chair with some books will be better for me then spending those evenings doing tons of useless things behind my workstation.

When I'm motivated enough [like in "I want to finish those darn Bachelor courses"], plan my days and filter out unnesessary tasks [like doing the hourly blogs check], I'm going to be fine and may even have time left to built some nice things [like my aquariusoft.org website or Morphix tools or something].

Go me, go me!