A rantbox

New spiffy sunglasses :)

So I went out Saturday with my girlfriend to buy some new clothes. It took a little while, but I got some new summer-suitable clothing [weird taste those fashion people nowadays have...]. Nothing quite interesting [well, some weird pants :)], but I bumped into new sunglasses too. Nice :) GF had to play basketball that evening, so I went along and watched her team play against another team of her own club [the one above her own], because they are in the same pool. Quite an interesting match, with some femine foul play. Her team won :) So we celebrated with several drinks, and came home in the middle of her sisters birthday party. Yay, more beer for me =)

Yesterday it was Easter Sunday, so after staying with my girlfriend, we went to my grandparents. The ones of the types that seem to have an infinite amount of food. I'm still quite stuffed =)

So now I'm sitting here, wondering whether it's warm enough to enjoy a drink back in the garden. I guess not, so I think I'll finish the feed for my blogmarks and some other stuff I'm working on. Then I'm going to write a simple clean style sheet, package it and put it online for download. Maybe someone is interested in a simple weblog solution. Mental note: remove my database password from it :P