A rantbox

I'm still alive

Yeah, I'm still around. Went to the dentist [everything fine, just a checkup], bought a usb bluetooth dongle on the way back home, so now I'm able to connect my pda via bluetooth with my computer [in this case my linux laptop]. I install the BlueZ packages and even got an internet connection working for my pda; my laptop functions as gateway. Neat. Even neater is that it still works one story up/down, so now I'm able to surf with my Clie on the couch. Yay =) Got to install some chat progs :P

Mental note: find PalmOS bluetooth sniffer for finding bluetooth enabled devices while being bored in train. Maybe I can hijack someones connection and get the latest feeds while being somewhere between Uitgeest and Amsterdam. How evil :P

In the meantime my Real Life(tm) continues, visiting birthday parties, having fun, drinking wine, having more fun, etc. I'm working a little at the backend of this blog, splitting things into modules, writing a script to generate an rss feed for my blogmarks [people are too lazy to visit this fine overstyled website ;) Kinda like I am =)]. Maybe I'll find some time to make a comments system.

Manuzhai invited me for Breedster, some silly, but funny social network thingee. Now I am a bug. Squash me on some party =) Life can be so simple: ingest, defecate, fornicate. The holy trinity ;)