A rantbox

Sunny Thursday

Some proposed improvements to Debian to regain the leadership again on the Debian developers mailinglist. Maybe it's been a good decision to stay at home today :)

News from the gadget front: first vendor I tried was sold out and I should have to wait until the 23rd of April before my Clie would have shipped. Exit that webstore. The next one claimed to have them in stock, so I quickly ordered it there. E-mail back: we just sold the last one, April 22nd will give us some new gadget goodness. Damn, that's still 3 weeks. So, I e-mailed them back I would wait [every other store was sold out too]; then I got an e-mail back that there may be one unit coming in next Monday and that they already reserved it for me. Yay! So I keep my fingers crossed =)

*wanders off to finish that damn design of aquariusoft.org*

= edit =

OK, now that was stupid. Off course it's Thursday today, not Tuesday. Or was it an unconscious Aprils Foolsday joke? =)