A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

California Dreaming.... ZzzZzz

I'm so sleepy right now. It's weird: I was kind of awake and then sleep hit me in the middle of my math classes [maybe coincidence] and never left me since. But I have an assigment to finish [yeah, that little C++ course program. Why am I doing those classes in the wrong order :|]. Maybe I should go to bed now [scary thought] and get up early tomorrow [like, 10AM?] and finish it then. I'll see.

When I was listening to a dance station [ID&T for the ones that know it], I heard a cover of an old song of the Mammas and the Pappas: California Dreaming now done by Royal Gigolos. It's kind of a weird remix, but not quite. It has the catch of the original tho' and I kind of like it. Whatever, just a thought.

In whole other news: while my favorite wannahave pda remains the Zaurus SL-C860 [although I miss built in wifi and bluetooth], the Tapwave Zodiac is a nice little toy too. It doubles as a really nice game console and has a pretty interface. And it runs PalmOS, for which I've plenty of programs already. However, some of my wannahaves are non free, while there exist free alternatives for the Zaurus. Guess I'll wait for the C960 or something [until it has wifi at least. Don't want to buy a CF wifi card]. Then I'll have to time to do some savings for it too ;) Heh, so instead of buying a 30 dollar program, I'll buy a 700+ euro gadget =) But it runs Linux :P