A rantbox

Blogging and the art of doing nothing to University assignments

When I have this blog I put a lot of my free time in, I should use it too. So, after almost a week of hard work [some classes and lots of - erm - blog and news reading =)], here I am again. As I said last night I spent half a day yesterday at redesigning the frontend of the aquariusoft.org website. I made a mockup and should be implementing it in the templates soon, but I've to work on an assignment for a course I attend.

Well, that's not the right way to say it, but the C++ course is a way to get me an extra 2 ects points. My C skills are way above the ones needed, but maybe I can get a C++ implementation out of this; that's something I've to learn myself yet. However, the deadline is next Friday, and I've other things to do too. Hm.

Anyway, I'm off to get me some breakfast. Shouldn't sleep this late and then power on my workstation immediately. Ah well, that's life :)