A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Downs and ups

Whee! Finished coding the httpc and httpd yesterday. Some extensive testing of the daemon has been done already, but I should make it a little more solid. You can let it hang by sending just the request "blah" to it, without linefeeds ;)

Anyway, when finally using your TCP implementation, all nasty bugs begin to surface. We spend a whole lot of time searching for the source of a particular one, because it didn't always manifest and it was really lowlevel...

And when things aren't working out the way you want, other things join them. I flunked 3 out of 3 exams from December (!). And the one I did last Monday wasn't that glorious either... Ah well, some second changes in February [like I don't have enough to do, but whatever], so maybe I could make my study supervisor [or how do you call that guy in English?] a little less furious with me ;)

So, some nasty and less nasty things this week. I won't go in detail about the weather, because that just plain sucks. But in about a week I'm having my birthday, and that's quite nice, because that means... lots of pie :D And some presents of course. I think I'm going to buy this TV card from the money everyone will probably be giving me [because I don't know any other presents to ask :P]. So, finally I'm getting TV at my room. Guess my parents won't be that happy with it, because then I'll never leave my room again. Well, maybe to get some dinner or beer :)

Did I tell I finished the programs for my computer networks assignment? ;) Now only do some real nasty testing and documenting the stuff [ugh...] and I'm finally finished. And then we fail the final test because of 1 little typo, I predict ya. Ah well, then I'll keep hostage of some people like A.S. Tanenbaum and things will work out ;)