A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


Coffee: the liquid to rule them all. Besides beer. Oh, and Wodka and Red Bull [both pure, thank you]. But coffee is a nice way to kinda wake up. Without it, my world would be a bigger mess then it already is.

Speaking 'bout messes: I sincerely hope not, but it could be I messed up my fourth exam in a row this year. ... And my software for the computer networks project doesn't work [tcp stack is giving weird errors, while the http daemon kinda works. But not quite. Ah well...].

Something more funny: a nice "adverticement" for Starbucks' coffee. When I was at it ;) Oh, and a weird story. And some food for thought.

But I've got work to do. That's a nice forget-your-study-thing too. bbl :)