Hello 2017

The year 2017 has barely begun, but somehow it is already looking up. At least in my personal bubble.

Son is suddenly confident enough to try a lot of new words, with mixed success in pronunciation or even correctness, but he is leaping forward amazingly. I am really happy with him on this, as he is able to express himself a lot better this way.

Phase 1 was cleaning up my desk and then the rest of my home office. Cleaning up the mess around my desk was kind of a challenge, as it was also a bit of a list of physical todo items. Decluttering it all was also a metaphor of leaving 2016 behind me and creating a more airy, distraction-free space to work and be in. It helps me staying focused and actually inspires me to fix and clean up other things.

My wife was so happy with the whole operation that she promptly put another two big boxes with stuff (electronics, boxes, documents) into my now roomy room. We will sort these out in the near future, as they are now an instant eye-sore :)

Phase 2 will consist of me getting more physical exercise. I will try to run more often, and more regularly. Apart from that, I would like to get some strength training, be it by doing some kind of push-up challenge, getting myself some dumbbells and working out with those or some other way. Semi-regular walks would be welcome too, also some shorter ones in the evening.

Phase 3 is a bit of an unknown yet, as I don't generally do up-front new-years resolutions.

Apart from that I am going to read more books this year and I would like to make a big dent in my Pocket backlog.



Bonus colours

Can you tell I'm rather happy with my desk? Such a simple but useful pleasure.


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Hah, I've never been really gone from IRC, use it almost daily to keep in touch with fellow nerds and interesting (open source) projects.

I'm rather happy with my desk and room indeed (I keep taking pictures of the configuration...). Somehow it works inspiring.

How have you been? Have not seen each other in ages :)

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I have gone from IRC, since nowadays everyone prefers to keep in touch via WhatsApp (boo), Facebook Messenger (even more boo) or Telegram (yay).

I will be doing some desk cleanup probably around spring, so I will remind myself to take some pics by then.

Yes, I have been doing great! I will not bore the entire internet with my escapades from the past ages, but I'd rather send you a PM sometime (got Telegram? *wink*).

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