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GitHub Spam is out of control

The GitHub logo surrounded by spam with his mouth open (original, copied from the source article)

Dan Janes writes:

Spam is nothing new, spam on GitHub is also not particularly new. Any site that accepts user-generated content will need to figure out how to prevent people from submitting spam, whether that is for scams, malicious software, or X-rated material. I have been getting tagged in Crypto related for the past 6 months or so. In the past 24 hours I have been tagged in two of them.

You would think some work and thought has been put into this for a while, but:

How the actual fuck does GitHub NOT have a report button on a piece of user generated content. Do you know the process of reporting this? Copy Link -> Go to user’s profile page -> Click Block & Report -> Click Report Abuse button -> New page Click “I want to report harmful… cryptocurrency abuse” -> Click “I want to report suspicious cryptocurrency or mining content.” button -> FINALLY paste the link you copied 10 years ago into the form box and give your justification on why this user did a bad thing and hope that the link still works/content is still up by the time they get around to looking at it…

It's a good read, and makes you think what Microsoft (which is not a small company) has been doing all this time.

Theo made a cool video about this article with some of his personal thoughts and experiences as well (with his experience from working at Twitch, including the UX about making reporting spam as frictionless as possible).

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