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Admonitions, or how to box heads-ups

As of about 15 minutes ago, I finally have styled admonitions here at dammIT HQ. If you are unsure about what those are, you might have seen them in the wild but just didn't know their name. Behold:


Note that this code is 100% organically grown at home and is not guaranteed to work or even look pretty.

Feel free to use it in your own projects, it might even work and do what you want.


It will eat your cat.


It might cook you dinner though.

These are pretty handy, as important notes can be highlighted in a visually distinctive way without breaking the flow of the post (too much).

If the icons look familiar, I blatantly stole them from Elegant (where they look like this).

Anyway, always fun to tinker with my weblog; this was instigated by Maya's updated font the looks of which I greatly appreciate. I was thinking about changing the font(s) here too, but somehow I keep coming back to the current one.

I've been doing UI clean-ups and tweaks at work too lately and greatly enjoying myself. I'm by no means a good designer, but making UI's work and look better is just so satisfying.

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