A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


I've been reading a lot more since starting my new job and being able to relax in public transports with a book instead of sleeping behind the wheel. I even got myself an e-reader (a black Sony PRS-650, really great piece of machinery! Yes, Sony may be evil, but they know how to build a decent e-paper device). I also tend to keep my computers turned off in the evenings and relax on the couch with a great tv-series or my book. The latter goes a long way into getting some serious reading done.

As I was somehow challenged to see how much I could read in a year, I started recording when I began reading in a new book. Generally, this means I finished the previous one shortly before that as I tend to read continuously. To let you have a peek into what's entering my brain, I created a book overview page, which you find in the main navigation of this weblog.

To continue in this light, I might be compelled to do a 'review' of some of those books in the future. Not a really literate review, but more a 'this is what I thought of it' about some of the more interesting works. You might be inspired a bit even :)

Have a suggestion? Don't hesitate to drop by and comment!