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Windows-only bios updaters and me

So I have this nice shiny light laptop (the Samsung X360). It came with Microsoft Vista pre-installed, but I never even booted it; I wiped it and installed Ubuntu on it immediately. It's working quite fine, except for some minor issues with its screen's backlight being a bit quirky (it needs a i915.modeset=0 part behind its kernel line in Grub's config).

Of course its manufacturer -- Samsung -- puts out bios updates (thankfully). It seems these could remedy these issues. However, instead of having some DOS-like application which can be run in FreeDOS or something, this is a Windows application which refuses to run under wine (bad idea anyway) and specifically checks whether it is being run on the specific laptop (so I can't extract things from it).

Problem is, Windows has been wiped clean from the machine and I have no intention to put the harddisk through a series of resizing tricks to install it again. I don't even have an install disk from the version it shipped with (a trend I quite hate, despite the laptop not even having an optical drive).

So, dear lazyweb, anyone having an idea how to flash the latest bios on it anyway? A BartPE livecd could be an idea, but I don't have WindowsXP handy...