A rantbox

Yay, photos, yay!

The blogmark updates are a clue about me not being dead, but this weblog has been awefully quiet lately. I have been rather busy and have been microblogging my blurps at my twitterfeed, but that isn't a good excuse to neglect dammIT so badly.

Minor part of the quietness of my online expressions was our trip through southern Africa, of which I put a photo summary online. Yes, we saw leopards too:

Leopard mom and cub, chilling

More pictures will appear soonish. Most likely too many for your taste, but damn it was a beautiful trip, full of experiences that are really without a price. In a nutshell: starting off in Cape Town, South Africa, we went north through Namibia, spent some days in Botswana and finished in Zambia, with the magnificent Victoria Falls and a lot of other impressive nature.

In other news: today we had an official moment regarding our to-be-built home. The first official moment even, one which everyone had been looking forward a bit for a while yet as there hadn't been any meetings been organised so far, so meeting your future neighbours was still that: something happening in the future.

Well, today we still didn't meet our neighbours, but at least we met some of the people living only a few houses away, which was a pleasant experience. Then we all went outside to witness the placement of the first piece of flooring. Also, I took the first picture of our future home:

Our very own bunch of mud