A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Things I'm going to do in 2009

Things I want^H^H^H^Ham going to do this year:

  • Read more books. Ever since I'm travelling by car to work (the railway connection is aweful), I'm reading a lot less. At home I spend a lot of time reading electronic stuff, but that's mostly news, not fiction. I want to read some more of those enjoyable stories without having to do so between midnight and 3AM.
  • Reading my magazines more. I don't have many subscriptions, but at least one is really enjoyable, interesting and severely neglected by me (the Dutch "Natuur-Wetenschap en Techniek", formerly known as "Natuur en Techniek"; a varied scientific publication filled with stuff that interests me).
  • Enjoy some quality alcoholic drinks with my girlfriend and friends. This sounds weird, but I think mixing in a good glass of wine with dinner and an enjoyable evening tasting and sipping whisky with a good friend is good for the soul and blood :)
  • Of course finally graduating while in the meanwhile being productive for my boss. This is quite an important one.
  • Change my sporting habits. We recently stopped doing fitness as it didn't quite fit into our busy evening schedule (yep, not that great a reason), but as we where both bored of it after doing it for several years, I think it's time for a change. We've picked up ballroom/latin dancing, which is really enjoyable, but I also intend to go squashing with some people.
  • Have more fun. This is a very fuzzy goal, but I think that tying up a lot of loose ends will bring a lot of peace in my head and free up quite some (quality) time, which both results in me having more fun in life and of course being able to do more nice things. A border-crossing trip already is planned for later this year.
  • That same quality-time aspect will be shared with my girl. Working in separate rooms is good for productivity and prevents her from going mad from my music, but when I'm done wrapping up things and actually have free evenings again, I better spend them with her. Even silently reading together will be quite enjoyable.

That's about it I guess. It has become quite a list and generally boils down to me wanting to be done and over with studying and the accompanying project and being able to spend my free time on more important and enjoyable matters. Now, on to spend some energy on reaching that goal.