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Happy and healthy 2009

I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and in respects interesting 2009. You can fill in freely what that means for you personally, as it seems very strict resolutions might be contra-productive (goals not met resulting in a bad self-esteem and such). For me it's going to be an interesting year, in which I tie up a lot of loose ends which should result in more peace in my head, continue my first full-time job, might make a large trip and of course have a lot of fun and good times with my loved ones.

OK, one resolution then: enjoy more good moments with my friends and loved ones (think tasting whisky with friends, go on a photography field trip, have my girl make fun of me while I play on our Wii, hanging on the couch with a good glass of wine and that same awesome and lovely person next to me). My pc's see me often enough already.