A rantbox

Youth and fireworks

Is it just me or do those kids have too much to spend on fireworks? Of course they're free to spend their money on whatever they want, but to have more noise and light shows two days before it's actually the end of the year is a bit overdone in my opinion :)

There are people who want to forbid fireworks. I think that's not necessary. Yes, you can start fires with it, ruin cars and body parts, but you can do the same with working in and on your house, driving a car and other day-to-day stuff. Just use it responsibly, just like you do with everything else (right?). Issue is of course that at midnight of the 31st of December, some of the people setting fire to hundreds of Euro's worth of explosives aren't quite that sober anymore, but that won't be stopped by just forbidding the sales and possession of fireworks.

Anyways, I want to wish everyone a great party, be it with a lot of strangers at some big club or cosy at home with your loved ones and a board of Scrabble, whisky and snacks! And then, a great, happy, prosperous and healthy 2009! Cheers.