A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

On `irony'

A snippet from #xfce-debian on freenode:

Zhenech | HE: you missed the irony, I meant it as "it is great - you can vote FD" :)
aquatix | s/irony/sarcasm
Zhenech | ok :)
aquatix | lot of people use the word `irony' incorrectly ;)
Zhenech | actually my sister (13) asked me some days ago whats the difference between irony and sarcasm, and I culdnt tell her :)
aquatix | irony is when something happens that is... erm, ironic
aquatix | like when you want an SD-card reader and all you find is a CF one ;)
aquatix | sarcasm is saying `it is great - you can vote FD'
aquatix | :)
aquatix | that's being sarcastic
aquatix | *you* can't be sarcastic, as only situations can be
      * | aquatix hopes that makes sense :P
aquatix | should write a short weblog posting on that
Zhenech | you mean "you cant be ironic.." dont you?
aquatix | d'oh
aquatix | now that's ironic ;)
aquatix | yep, you're right in your correction
aquatix | meh :)
Zhenech | heh, great :>
Zhenech | I think you just can post the log as a blogpost :)