A rantbox

Christmas eve

It's about to be the evening before that over-hyped Christmas thing. It might be way commercial nowadays, but it's still a fun time to slow down, enjoy your loved ones and contemplate the upcoming dinner and Life in general. (Like that girl you had a crush on years back, wondered about just recently - reminded by the dancing lessions you used to take with her - and than run into her while shopping for a few gifts. Life could be so different if things had gone just slightly different. Now I'm happily living together with a wonderful girl I want to share the rest of my life with. But still you can wonder...).

We're about to leave for our first Grand Meal of the next few days, so I'll make it short and don't contemplate too much. Life is quite good as it is, and I will very much enjoy the last few days of 2008 with my loved ones.

So I would like to wish everyone - whether you celebrate `Christmas' or not - a very happy few days with as few casualties as possible!