A rantbox

Embedded journalism

Today in our coverage on the War on Logic: my home town. An important cross road is being revamped - which is good - but work on it has been going on for a while. Because it's the main connection to the highway it's always busy, especially during rush hour in the morning and afternoon. To prevent the single road still connecting the town with it to become too crowded, someone decided it would be a good idea to completely block one of the main roads leading to it. You guessed well, that's from the direction I'm travelling from. Instead, people from the huge neighbourhood in that area now have to take another connection to the highway [the one of our neighbour city], leading to jams all over town, not unimportantly creating a whole lot of traffic right in front of an elementary school.

So far for eliminating problems. But hey, most of those jams are in the town right next to ours anyway, so not Our Problem(tm)!