A rantbox

And then there where only 7

My girlfriend and I have been blessed with all our grandparents alive when we got to know each other. Because of this, we each got to know two extra couples of great people. Thankfully they are relatively young and only suffer the occassional illnesses and annoyances everyone eventually encounters when growing older. However, one of my GF's granddads has had a hearth condition for decades, being thankful of the invention of pacemakers and bypasses. Because of these, he has reached the age of 80 and beyond and I had the opportunity to get to know this extraordinarily friendly man.

Last Thursday, he was driven to the hospital by ambulance and let's just say we have been saying goodbye since then. This morning at just over 4AM we got a phonecall that he had passed away.

Rest in peace, and say your mother 'hi' from us; we will take care of your wife, as you have done for so long. Goodbye.