A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

o/` Zombie o/`

April Fool's day went by quite un-eventful. I even missed the normally tradional pink Ponies layout on Slashdot. Some other sites (like Engadget) had some pink accents, but still. Of course, my whole day was spent writing on a paper and presentation for a course Literature Study (hence the weird postings yesterday and my own April Fool joke). Did the presentation some hours ago and am currently writing this post in the train with some good music on my head to get all alpha waves in sync again and hopefully get rid of this headache.


Why are train windows always filthy when you want to stare out of them? Oh well.

Where was I? Ah yes, postings. Expect some drafts from last week to finally get posted. Say, next week or something. Very well, off for some dinner, an hour of spinning bike goodness and a good night's rest. Sleep, the other drug.

(FYI: my primary drug is audeine, better known as music. Ah, and Zombie is a song by the Cranberries)

cp: NiN - Ghosts