A rantbox

Just another Monday morning

Hm, what is with me starting weblog postings and taking a while to finish them? You might find some more posts after this one which I started this weekend/last week.

Sooo, the construction company that was going to [finally] impregnate one of the outher walls of our house against water [somehow, rain leaked through, resulting in water leaking from the ceiling]. We suspect this leakage comes from the construction being flawed in the first place, having the isolation material against the outher bricks, which shouldn't be: a small gap should be there, so the bricks could get wet without water leaking along the isolation stuff. Oh well. Anyway, it's raining today, so they called for making another appointment, just like they did when it was freezing. Logical, but *sigh*

So now I'm craving for a coffee and gearing up for a day typing frantically in a paper and presentation. Deadline Real Soon(tm).

In other news, an update for gxine and xinelib brought it to this fool's number version:

Ah, and I deleted that double post with weblogs; the script to post it was listed twice in my crontab. *sighs again*