A rantbox

When the headache comes before the beer

Yesterday was quite a busy day; first a meeting about a literature study, then an assessment training and finally a nice Belgian Beer event was planned. As Belgian beer is the only really drinkable beer [quite enjoyable :)], I was kind of looking forward spending some of my evening chatting up with some friends and drinking some of that tasty beverage. However, when the assessment training was over and I was in the metro back to university [where the party was], I was getting a nasty headache, which made my stomach act up a bit too. So when I finally arrived, I wasn't really in the mood to drink beer. Consuming anything would be a task, but I bought some Flemish fried potatoes anyway, as I needed something in my stomach. Then I went home again with a friend of mine, who already had tasted enough beer, and was starting to get bored by the chemists who where throwing the party :)

The trip home was spend mostly chatting idly with my friend, trying to keep my body in control, and sleeping a bit, as the headache turned out to be a genuine attack of migraine. That shortened my evening to the `get in my bed as soon as possible' and that concluded my Thursday of this week. A bit different from what I was hoping for, but you can't have all pleasures in life ;)