A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Interesting day

Today I woke up with both my servers being down; always a good way to start your day. higgs [my new vserver], turned out to not have booted after a reboot of the real server its located on - a simple 'boot' in the Xen console sufficed. The crew is investigating why some nodes didn't reboot.

My home server however, failed to boot. Again and again and again. That was enough to have me sweating. But today was also the day I got my Bachelor diploma, so I decided to put it out of my mind and enjoy the ride. My party crew was small, as I only had my lovely girlfriend along; I knew from experience that the issuing of Bachelor diploma's wasn't considered a big party at my faculty, so bringing along a lot of family and friends would only end in an anticlimax [imho]. The resulting meeting was nice, and even the talk-by-proxy from my Bachelor supervisor was good. So that was fun! We ended with a little sightseeing in the university building, which my girlfriend hadn't visited before, then went home [work to do...].

That reminded me that I still had a homeserver [with mailservice and webserver on it] to revive. It still wouldn't boot, but after some disassemblage, cleaning and a healty kick in the case, it wanted to post again. After plugging back the harddisk, it came to live. Praise the Light :) A quick apt-get later it was even running the latest Debian kernel, which shouldn't have the vmsplice vulnerability anymore. Time to get working on my projects again.