A rantbox

Started my Master research project

If you missed me for a few days [right...], I've been on my new working place, the office of a department of the Dutch navy that designs, integrates and implements the various devices on board of a ship. Internet use is limited, so communication with the outside world has slowed down a little. Didn't help I was quite tired at the end of the days also, partly because of a coding spree I held in the night from Sunday to Monday :)

Yesterday my Master supervisor responded to my initial points of research with the [correct] observation that it sounded a lot like a large literature study. He was right, as in the information I sent him, I didn't really formulate an academic research question/subject. Today we met, and aside from his positive attitude towards the area [time synchronisation], I couldn't really convince him yet of the scientific importance of the research I'm going to do. That's mainly because I need to get the real problem clear and formulate a clear subject. A meeting with both supervisors seems best :)

Also, I have to finish some practical work yet, which I hope will turn out fine. A literature study the coming few months is on the todo also [will probably be about some areas I only touched lightly in my bachelor paper]. Work work!