A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Sooo, another year has come and gone

And suddenly, it was 2008. A leap year, nicely round numbers (at least for a geek like me, I guess), a year in which I'll finally finish my higher education. Also finally, I'm under contract again, getting some dough to pay bills, food and gadgets from. Feels quite good, I can say :)

2007 was a year of wrapping things up, finishing a lot of courses for my Bachelor and Master, ultimately getting my Bachelor done. Next February I should receive the paperwork proving so :) I finally feel like I am getting somewhere.

So, 2008 will be interesting; finishing the last courses, a few projects, some left-over homework and then starting that Masters research project. I lucked out on finding our Dutch Navy interested in me and the project, so I'll be under contract with them for a year, even getting paid a handsome salary doing my research project. /me bounces around happily ;) Also, FOSDEM 2008 will be interesting to attend. I hope I'll have my Nokia N810 by the time I'll head off to Brussels.

Rests me to wish everyone of you an interesting, healthy, fun and happy 2008 too!