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Night of the Proms - aka "I saw Macy Gray live!"

Last Friday evening we could be found in the Ahoy in Rotterdam. There, a musical fusion of classical music and legendary pop songs took place. It was really interesting to be able to enjoy artists like Macy Gray, Donna Summer, Kid Creole and The Coconuts, Di-Rect, John Miles and Roby Lakatos with a very well performing orchestra called Il Novecento and the choir Fine Fleur. Yes, you read that right, we saw those artists live :) Besides it being awesome to see Macy Gray [and all the other artists], it was a really nice musical experience. Also, props to the multimedia guys, as the editing on the large screens was really nicely done, including the synchronisation of movie clips and the orchestra; for example the performance of The Kraken [at least, I think it was] from the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie along with a compilation of scenes from that movie and the other two was really nice.

So, all-in-all a nice evening out. I can surely recommend it!