A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

On hardware

It's obvious I developed a crush on the Nokia N810, and I will definitely get one the moment it shows up in e-shops here in the Netherlands in a few weeks [I heard somewhere it'll appear in a week or two]; I'm already saving up and may just put a Don't Panic sticker on it :)

In other hardware news, I'm selling my workstation as I'm quite content using my laptop with a dual-monitor setup. Maybe I'll get some new hardware later. At the least, I'll be putting up for sale the MSI K7D Master motherboard with two AMD MP2000+ processors doing 1666MHz each, 4 times 1GiB of ecc RAM, a USB 2.0 PCI card, a nice PSU and a GeForce 4200Ti. This can be really interesting for anyone wanting it for server purposes [or maybe already running similar hardware], or to build a decent workstation with. If someone wants a complete package, I can throw in the really nice Cooler Master Centurion casing and a DVD rewriter [all in nice black]. No hard disks, as I tend to be a bit paranoia about my collection of pr0n^H^H^H^Hsource files and course documents.

Any serious bids are welcome!

[I prefer selling it as a nice package, but I'll eBay it when no one reacts here, and as loose parts if necessary.]