A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Killing mood

I'm a bit pissed. When I thought I was done with all my courses, I started adding things up and now I'm missing out on some ECTS points [the credit points you get by successfully passing a course], because the conversion between the old and the new ways of assigning points. So, instead of 180.1 ECTS for 3 years of Bachelor, I suddenly have only 179.3. So I'll have to do some black magic with re-arranging courses in the free-choice space, but then I'm missing out on points for my Master. And that sucks, as I want to start my Masters project Real Soon Now(tm). Meh.

Also, my ADSL connection keeps dropping randomly, and reconnecting takes about 15 seconds. Thank the Light I have a decent Linksys router to keep connections alive.

And now the power supply of my speaker set has party died too, so no more loud music to drown out the highly energised kiddos in the house above me...

On the bright side, I have really decent Sennheiser PX-200 headphones, isolating out the noise around me. Also, I managed to get a dual monitor setup working on my laptop yesterday. Using the xserver-xorg-video-ati driver [version 6.7.194 from Debian experimental], and the good info on RandR 1.2 at Think Wiki, I now have both the 1400x1050 screen of my laptop, and the 1600x1200 resolution of my 19" CRT to be spent by my xfce4 desktop. Really nice :)