A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

On mobile platforms

So Palm killed their Foleo before it was even launched. Too bad, as I thought it was a nice little laptop.

[Also, check Engadgets plea to Palm and Palm's response, which likely caused the Foleo to be scrapped]

I'm not entirely sure how stupid the Foleo was; they marketed it wrongly indeed [as they bonded it too tightly with their Treo while it could very well stand on its own], but it would have been a nice instant-on subnotebook. However, it would be even nicer when they launch a Foleo II which is compatible with their new Linux platform, so you can run programs on both types of devices, for example.

And, Palm, *make it hackable dammit*, like the Nokia N800 for example. I want a nice Linux device which I [and other developers] can thinker with. You need developers and a large software base, so you'd better make it nice and fun to develop for.

burner posted a piece on this too [on which I wrote the initial version of this rant], but he used it in his argument on a potential Zune phone. Zune is that platform from microsoft that caused PlaysForSure to be instantly killed in favour of their latest whim, and which should be the iPod killer from Redmond. We all know how that fared. However, integrating it into a phone would be an interesting move, which could very well cause the reaction burner hints on: manufacturers moving away from windows mobile. I wouldn't mind if the whole family of mobile windows products would die. Choice is good, but the platform is just silly. I really like my Symbian/UIQ3 based Sony Ericsson m600i, but I wouldn't mind having a nice open Linux smartphone either. [OpenMoko's Neo is a nice initiative, but a bit lacking on the 'looks' part; I rather would have a Linux-based m600i with wifi, for example]. I'm a developer after all, and I sure love to thinker with software and gadgets, so please let me!