A rantbox by Michiel Scholten


After reading Bloempje's posting about her restlessness, I was inspired to write about my own. I'm currently working on some assignments in Minix 3, and trying to get my bachelor thesis in shape. Also, I'm advancing with talks about an internship for my Masters research project. The company I'm talking with agreed with various of my hypotheses, but now I can't seem to be able to reach my mentor to talk them through and reach consencus on the subject. I hope he isn't on vacation to Italy for a month or something :/

While grinding my way through the various projects I'm working on [including some freelance web projects], I feel an anxiety to finish all this stuff. I can't seem to really relax lately, and the whole confusion around the internship didn't help either [I first had my doubts about it, as it was a one hour ride by car, or over 2 hours with public transport and bicycle, which I just found too much to do six months straight - however, now they've offered me a contract with salary, which covers my traveling expenses; that changes things considerably :)]. I don't have the feeling it all progresses the way and speed I would want it to go. Also, sitting at my pc for so many hours can't be healthy; maybe I should grab that interesting book and jump on the couch with it more often :)

I also just received a second letter from our dear traffic police. I have speeded a whopping five kilometers per hour on a road nearby... This happened on a morning I was really fed up with my ISP and telephone company because they still couldn't get my adsl working. *sigh* The first ticket was about driving through a red light while driving my girlfriends grandma to or from the hospital where her grandfather was getting help with his flaky heart. Meh.

On a positive note, I'm really starting to love LaTeX!