A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Observations in public transport

The other day, I was sitting in a metro racing in the general direction of my university. The girl sitting opposite me was chewing bubble gum. In itself, that's far from special, but do people realise they really don't look intelligent when chewing that material loudly with an open mouth? Not that they'd particularly care I guess...

Aside from the people talking really loudly into their cellphones [buy yourself or that friend on the other side a decent device...], I don't "get" people who manage to put their ear plugs or headphones the wrong way around. I mean, what's the use of those capital letters "L" and "R" printed on each and every pair of noise generating cloths of plastic? I like my Prodigy or Radiohead the right way around ;)

On a different note, I saw a woman driving her car on the highway parallel to the speeding metro; she was not sitting with her back against her chair, but positioned straight up, even tending to lean a bit towards her steering wheel. Didn't look very comfortable.

A sad observation is that people seem to get fatter and fatter. Not that everyone should be razor slim or something, but there are limits after which you cross into the "not-healthy" zone. Those same people tend to dress in [way] too tight or too revealing clothes. It's one way or the other: be slim enough to fit those clothes, or buy decent clothes that make you look pretty enough with your somewhat more bulky body. There are plenty of those nowadays anyway.

Thank the Light for cute girls. They make up for the more ugly part of my fellow travellers, like that really weird guy stinking of self-made cigarettes sitting right next to me in the crowded subway. Cute girls keep me having faith in the world :)

I also saw an old man walking with his bike at the metro station. He had a rearsight mirror on his glasses.